How Do You Make Money On TikTok

make money on tiktok
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How Do You Make Money On TikTok

The digital age surely opened a lot of opportunities especially for earning money even if you are just sitting tightly at home.

One of these many online platforms where you can earn from home is the rising star, Tik Tok. There are actually many ways to earn online just like through PayPal, Google, and many more.  However, with TikTok, we are sure that you will enjoy every cent that you will earn!

There has been a growing number of people who are using this application in making short videos. Moreover, there have been numerous dance challenges and many more that rose through this platform. These things really caught the attention of various influencers and also the ones who are aspiring to be one.

Influencing others through using a TikTok account is a trending way to earn money online!

Different Ways of Earning Through TikTok

Aside from being an influencer, there are actually a lot of ways to earn through TikTok. Here are some of those:

Grow your Account and Sell It  

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Like other online accounts, you can earn money from TikTok by simply growing it and then selling it. Growing your account means attracting huge numbers of followers, subscribers, or viewers for your content.

Not only will other users be interested in your TikTok account, but you will attract potential advertisers and other brands as well! TikTok is becoming increasingly popular and a prime advertisement site for some of the biggest eCommerce, online products and other brands trying to penetrate the digital space.

With TikTok you can create video content based on music genres. These genres are categorized into hashtags “#” and hashtags with the most number of videos submitted under it will have more visibility than other video contents.  

If you are starting out on TikTok, the fastest way to grow your account is to post video content and use the most popular hashtags. By taking advantage of the most popular hashtags, your video content would be noticed almost immediately.

TikTok content creators with a huge number of followers might have the opportunity to be approached by many brands trying to advertise their products. But you do not have to wait for brands to spot your profile, you may also reach out directly to them if you feel like your TikTok profile can be impactful to their marketing campaigns.

You can also explore TikTok Live. You can auction off your items using TikTok Live, also you can advertise your own products! Tik Tok Live is a good way to showcase and sell products because interested users can be redirected to the product page by using the link that you would provide in your Live video.

So, if you want to be a famous Tik Tok user and make money at the same time, start by growing your Tik Tok profile. Aside from this, be sure to take advantage of TikTok’s features for your video content. 

Manage Influencer Campaigns

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If you think you are more skilled at management than on content creation, then you should try getting into influencer campaigns. There are many advertising agencies trying to establish a strong online presence and they have been signing up influencers from online platforms such as Instagram.

You can link TikTok content creators and famous brands looking for their next influencer and you can be that brand’s next campaign manager.

 Just like other managerial roles, you would be responsible for tasks such as:

  • scouting promising content creators
  • creating an agreement that would be favorable for the content creator and for the company
  • onboarding content creators
  • tracking the content creators’ progress and assessing if it is on track to meet the campaigns’ goals.  

 A hefty service fee may be charged and there is a high chance that you will get an attractive compensation package if you have managed an influencer campaign effectively and the campaign has met the expectations set for it, or it performed even more than it should.

 You also will not have to go through the hassle of researching, contacting and trying to get an appointment for influencer programs. You can sign up for TikTok’s in-house influencer program.

Big brands can also use the help of TikTok’s in-house influencer program but for a significantly big charge from Tik Tok. Brands can take a hold of lists of the biggest influencers they might be interested to work with

This is where managers of influencer campaigns can come in. By offering a much cheaper price from TikTok, managers would be offering a hook for big brands that would be too good to pass up.  

TikTok it Away!

Earning through TikTok can be a really fun experience. However, before you TikTok it away, you should always take note that it needs time and effort to achieve something. So, if you want to be profitable on this platform, make sure that you have the time and the guts

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