Affiliate Marketing on Twitter

Affiliate Marketing on Twitter
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Is It Possible to Make Money on Twitter? Apparently so – through something known as affiliate marketing! Affiliate marketers of the world will already know just how effective this method is to make money.

If you’re not sure on what we mean by this, we will discuss it in this article and show you how affiliate marketing on Twitter is possible, and how easy it really is. You may even be keen to give it a try yourself.

Affiliate Marketing

Before jumping into how to make money via Twitter, we thought it would be useful to explain affiliate marketing, so it is clear for all our readers. Affiliate marketing is the process of generating leads for various merchants (companies) who then make a sale from your referral. In exchange for giving them a new customer, they will provide you with a commission ($) for the business you provided them.

Affiliate marketing can be very effective when you set up a blog or website to send traffic through; however, it can also be done on Twitter by using specific methods, which is what we are going to share with you today.

How to Affiliate Market on Twitter

There are around 330 million active users on Twitter every month. This means many people are checking out tweets, and what content is being posted. Therefore, it makes for a great place to try and attract new customers, and build fresh leads, and affiliate marketing is the best way to do this.

With only 280 characters to get your point across, if you are going to try to make the most of Twitter, you will need to be smart, and to the point with your message. After all, this small tweet is what will make it or break it in getting your lead across.

However, don’t think that signing up to Twitter to spam your affiliate links every day will bring you results; you have to be serious about it.

Gain Relevant Followers

Before you even begin your affiliate link marketing adventure, it is crucial that you gain a good follower base. These will be the audience to all of your future posts and potential leads, so it makes sense to create a following composed of relevant, interested people. If for example, you are an affiliate marketer for a beauty cosmetics company, you will want people to follow you who seem like the ideal customer, and who would purchase from the brand you’re working for.

One thing to avoid is buying followers. Although you may think that an account with as many followers as possible will look good, you will only receive a lot of fake accounts, resulting in zero leads. In order to get good, relevant leads, you will, therefore, have to put in the groundwork to get them.

Post Engaging Content

Once you have your account set up and your followers, you will want to start posting content that is engaging. This means posting things that are going to be liked and saved as they are attractive and pleasant to read. Once you continue doing this, some of your content might get retweeted from followers, and you can do the same for some of yours. This helps to create relationships with your followers and make them more likely to check out your affiliate links when you eventually post them.

As you continue to build up your profile with more trustworthy followers, you can start dropping in affiliate tweets now and again and make it as natural as possible, so your followers won’t think it’s simplt ‘click bait’ – which we know it is!

Below are some different ways to use affiliate marketing on the Twitter platform. The best-known way to do it involves becoming an affiliate on behalf of some of the major, popular online platforms. We mention some of the most popular programs below, but there will be many more you can use, and even search for yourself among your favorite brands.

iTunes Affiliate Program

Apple has a fantastic affiliate program which allows marketers the chance to earn a good 5% commission on every song sale generated from their individual affiliate link.

This means all you would need to do once you become a member is to share your personal link every time they provide you with a new and popular song. Simple right?

You would then get cash every time someone downloads the song after finding it through your link. iTunes has been known to account for a large portion of affiliate marketing activity via Twitter, and many individuals have had success with this affiliate program across many platforms.

Groupon Affiliate Program

iTunes isn’t the only one getting in on the Twitter affiliate action. Groupon is another excellent company which offers an affiliate program with good earning potential. Those marketing on behalf of Groupon can earn a lot more than iTunes marketers, with a whopping 10% commission for any new sales made.

This makes Groupon an excellent company to affiliate market for, and many people have already had a good amount of success working with them. Why not give it a try yourself?’s Affiliate Program

Another company which might be less known in the affiliate marketing world is This company is actually one of Twitters largest merchants. They pay their affiliate marketers a generous 25% in commission on sales referred back to them. On top of this, they also give six month’s worth of commission on purchases made by a referee. This is too good a deal not to try!

If you want additional ideas on how to make money using Twitter try this book:

Final Say

Affiliate marketing on Twitter is straightforward when you get started. The best piece of advice to take away from this article is to make it as natural as possible, and take your time to build a quality profile with a trustworthy following.

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